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"Sherlock looked up when John cleared his throat, 'Will, will you dance with me?' The blonde asked flushing red. An answering stain rose to Sherlock's cheeks as the ballet dancer stood from his bag and walked over to the other man, 'Do you have any idea how' He wasn't really expecting an answer as he slid his hand into the rugby player's. 'I took a few classes, for you' Sherlock's smile put the sun to shame and john couldn't help but respond to his happiness by pulling him closer. 'I Love you'"

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there’s a new boy at school and he starts to flirt with balletlock but sherlock is so oblivious that he doesn’t care about it until one day the guy tries to kiss him but a furious hand on his shoulder stops him, then the guy turns around to face captain john watson staring at him with fire in his eyes
and the whole rugby team just looks at him like “you’re dead, man, you are so fucking dead”



Dancer!Sherlock enters a talent show-type competition at school and is super nervous about performing in front of John and John’s friends but John cheers louder than anyone and beams at Sherlock the whole time like a proud boyfriend and gives Sherlock the boldness he needs to go…